Sunday, April 13, 2014

Venom - 06June2012, Guahan
Sweetheart, you don’t want to mess with me - not today.
I might look good to you, smile real pretty
But inside’s all broken and jumbled and jaded
There are still parts missing from the last wreck
In their place is cold, black emptiness
The remaining pieces held together with dust and frozen cobwebs,
Bittersweet memories of Sour Times and residue of a betrayal that I’m still trying to clean out of the gears.
Toxicity By Heartbreak, the doctor said.
The only antidote is time - and the clock is still ticking like a time-bomb in reverse.
You don’t want me - not yet.
Maybe next week or next month or maybe even next year
(God, I hope it’s not next year)
Someday. But not today.
I thought I was ready, but I was so so wrong.
The moment I saw you smile, I knew.
You smiled and looked into my eyes and I knew
Exactly what you wanted.
I could give you what you want, you know.
I could be so good for your body
You’d never believe the way your skin, your …. Heart …. Would tingle under my fingertips.
So good you’d even think it was love.
But I’ve been injected, infected with the prettiest, purest poison.
I’d take in your every ragged breath, filling your lungs with lust and anger, with soft, steamy kisses that you will grow a bitter craving for.
My touch can feel like heavenly fire - but it’s a slow-burning toxin.
I can see the innocence in your eyes and in that smile playing not-so-coy around your lips.
I refuse to taint you too.
Because, for right now
That “something about her” that you’re thinking about
Is sweet venom.
Maybe next time.

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