Sunday, April 13, 2014

I know, we’ve met before… Yes, I’m sure. 
Look, chickie… We met a long time ago.  And many times since then.  I just looked a little different.  
You see, you didn’t see me 25, 35, 55 pounds ago (not that it made any difference to me, one way or the other).  You looked right through me, even as introductions were made.  You barely managed a mumbled “hey”, as you scanned the room for more “interesting” (that is, thinner) people.  I wasn’t ‘worthy’ of a second of eye-contact from the likes of you, much less an even mildly polite “hello.”
And if you didn’t take even a moment’s notice of me then - well, I see no reason for you to see me now.  Make sense? 
Your brand of shallow doesn’t do a thing for this woman. But have a good night, okay? 

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