Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Foreign Exchange  09September2012

If you want my love, don't offer me money - there's a name for that and it's never been in my job description, professional or otherwise.  I don't want your money.

Don't buy me gifts.  Anyone can stop into a store and buy things.  Really, you must be more creative than the price tag.  I have everything I need and besides, chances are it's not the one I had in mind anyway.  Don't buy me useless 'things.'

Don't take me out to the most expensive restaurant in town, or buy me diamonds or useless trinkets.  I know what I like to eat and it's not twenty-five dollars per plate, nearly ever.  There's a story behind every piece of jewelry I wear - I don't just wear any old thing.

But if you ask me, I might share a story or two - and ask to hear your story, too.

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