Sunday, April 13, 2014


So I ended up doing this game thingy on Facebook - Random Facts About Me.  I did six then another ten.  And it got me thinking.....

I say I'm an open book - but there's so much about me that I won't let out, don't acknowledge, so most people just don't know.  And they're not secrets.  They're truths.  They're mine.  And they're not for the hands of the masses.
            I don't believe the masses would understand or appreciate them, as I do.  Or respect them.

I am my very own brand of oddball.  I hated it, growing up - being different in my thinking, my habits, my.... Character.  I wanted to be like the other girls, so I wouldn't stand out so much.
          I don't hate it anymore.

It makes no difference to me when people stare because the woman in the corner having lunch by herself is dancing in her seat to the music in her earphones or gesticulating wildly over her notebook, the last half of her food cold and forgotten on a corner of the table.  Yes.  Yes, that's me.  No.  No, I don't care that you think I'm crazy.

I don't feel like I really fit in, in most places, with most people and/or in most situations.  Depending on how important it is (and what my mood is, of course), I might try to make conversation instead of retreating into my shell - which I love so dearly, especially during moments such as these.  I spend a lot of time outside my comfort zone.  Of course, no one really knows this, except for the closest of the close to my heart.

And now, you do too.

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