Sunday, April 13, 2014

I am awestruck. (From: The Musings of A Lesbian Writer)
“Writing can destroy you.
It can twist your unsuspecting soul around its little wordy fingers, crumple it into a ball, stretch it out and tear it to pieces, flinging the alphabetic remains into the night air… 
You give it a bit of love, then ruthlessly shove it out into the world to speak on its own.
Soul crushing.
Sometimes it lands just right and although you still cry, it’s with joy instead of anguish…  
Your soul lives on through your writing and there’s always another project lying in wait.”

From a very inspiring article on writing (‘Writing Can Destroy You’) that I stumbled upon in *whispers* Wordpress.  
feel this.  I know exactly how much of a relief it is to get it all out and onto the page, the enormous emotional weight that’s lifted, when it’s finally over.  The satisfaction, the contentment (even if it’s fleeting, momentary), the sheerexhaustion that I feel when I’m done pouring into and onto and over.  And the love, the pride that I feel in every bit of writing that I produce (except for the ones that are just not right, not good enough, not what I was striving for - those are tossed unceremoniously into the virtual or actual trash bin). 
I just can’t express it the way this article does
I need to learn to write like that. 
need to. 

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