Friday, May 9, 2014

09May2014 (12:43am)

But some nights
Truth and clarity come at me
Calmly, peacefully
With a voice so clear and loud
The echoes are nearly deafening...
Even in its pitch black silence.
We sit together in the quiet darkness
She sings me a song
Rocks me to sleep
Makes tranquil my dreams.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

07May2014 (2:30am)

As it usually happens... 

In the dead of night

The dark closets of my life 

Once again have me

Pinned face-first against the wall

Trying to squeeze my will 

My courage

My hope 

From my battered soul. 

But tonight I'm fighting 

Just the way I used to

The way I have, all of my life... 

Fighting with every ounce of 

Determination that I possess - 

Fighting for my dignity

For my hope

For my happiness. 

And it always 

Feels so much like 

Fighting for my life. 

Because I am. 

I come from Crazy

But it's not gonna beat me. 

No, it's not going to take me - 

Not tonight.