Sunday, April 13, 2014

“One day you will meet someone who makes all the difference.”
This makes me think of her. That somewhere, there’s a woman that will make it all clear to her and help her allow herself to ‘let go,’ and love the way that she should - without reserve or having to over-think it. She’ll just know.
I want it to be me. But when she’s gone long enough that the residue of her has settled and dissipated, doubt and loneliness come, to fill the empty space. This is too confusing for her, too ‘muddied’, for it to be me. There are too many other factors that weigh in too heavily, making everything so unclear for her. It’s not me. I feel this. I’m trying to accept it. I feel that, someday, she’ll realize it, too.
But she was my ‘ONE’. And I’m thankful that I found her and could hold her, for awhile.
Whatever happens, I love you, Handsome.

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