Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aside from my heart, my legs are my Center.  They work hard for me, take me where I need to go, get me to getting it Done, whatever ‘it’ may be.  I’m on the move almost half of my workweek, and they never let me down.  They take me from where I can’t be, to where I need to be.
They work all the hurt and stress out, as the sun goes down - and keep it going, until all the negative energy is dissolved and replaced with peace and a sense of fulfillment.  They work until they’re wobbly, just to see me rejuvenated and refreshed.  I depend on them, I push them as hard as they’ll go - then I shower them with love and sugar scrubs and scented lotion (and Deluxe PEDICURES!! :), as a reward for all the selfless good that they do for me. 
Sure, they’re nice.  Well, so I’ve been told.  But it’s because they WORK.  Their beauty is in their strength.  Because a strong woman, and all the sum of her parts, is beautiful. ;)

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