Sunday, April 13, 2014


Leeward:  "I don't like when you're like this.  It worries me.  So can you do something for me?"
Me:  "Depends."
Leeward:  "Just do it, okay?"
Me:  O.o
Leeward:  "I want you to write down twenty-two words that make you smile.  Can you do that?  Then read them, whenever you need to smile."
Me:  "Weirdo."

I came up with twenty.

1.  Truffular (as in, tree)
2.  Waaam-bulance
3.  Slither
4.  Achmed
5.  Collage
6.  Giggle
7.  Crispy
8.  Sheldon
9.  Heffalumps
10.  Snuffleupagus
11.  Zip
12.  Vim
13.  Elmer
14.  Ramble
15.  Epic
16.  Blithering
17.  Blimey
18.  Blechh..
19.  Halcyon
20.  Diabolical (as in, plan)


"Be grateful.  But remember, it's hard to be grateful when you're resentful.  Keep that in mind."

"When two emotions fight for the foreground, for who will dominate the day, the angrier of the two is usually the stronger one - and wins.  Fight that for all you're worth."

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