Sunday, April 13, 2014

There's No Place Like Home.
I come from such a tiny island that, when a plane that I’m on is close enough to allow me to see the ground of wherever it is that I’m about to land, I get completely overwhelmed (and in the case of Dubai, absolutely terrified) at the sight of such a huge area.  My silent panic attack has never once been noticed by airline staff or any other passengers around me.  Even when I’m traveling with family.  This lasts until my flight has landed.
Or for the next six months or so.
But still, I enjoy walking through cities in the middle of the day, just for the joy of getting lost and finding my way back, on my own.  While I’m there… Right? 
Then one night sometime later, I find my plane approaching the familiar lights of home and I can see the ocean surrounding the little island that I love.
And I breathe normally again. 

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