Sunday, April 13, 2014

In light of all the “P.O.C.” mud-slinging I see going on here today - and because today is just too damned slow for my tastes.  
5pm, move it on over here, will ya?  I’ve got shit ta do…
I’m a brown girl
Not a freedom fighter 
(Except maybe for my own)
Not discriminated against
(But then, everyone around me is brown - except for my ONE ;)
And I don’t see the difference
What your skin color is
Or his, or hers - or theirs
Don’t judge before they’ve opened their mouths 
To speak
Don’t judge at all
It’s not your place
Or mine
Or his, or hers - or theirs
Even white is a color
Now can we just shut it and get some GOOD stuff back on the wall?  

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