Sunday, April 13, 2014

Daylight Savings of a Broken Heart.
3pm has become 4pm, everything else is still the same. Same dull ache turned piercing hurt, same welling of emotion, same stupid lump in my throat. And it’s the one thing in this whole matter that I find I can’t even properly write about. It just comes out a jumbled mess. The only thing I have is the title: ”3pm Blues”. And even that’s not quite right anymore.
I wonder if I can negotiate with Heart for 5:30, so at least I’m at home when the daily storm hits. But that bitch is mad at me right now, for temporarily detailing the Managing Director position to Brain. Heart is threatening to quit. Brain wants to fire her anyway - says she’s not tough enough to be running the show. I just want to reschedule the daily appointment, dammit. But that’s not Brain’s area of expertise; she’d just lecture at me for letting Heart turn me “soft”.
Sounds like mutiny to me.

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